20 random facts about me

Just sharing a little bit about me 😉

#1 When I was little I wanted to be a teacher or a police officer.

#2 I am terrified of frogs.

#3 I love Friends and Mike & Molly – I can watch re runs of those shows over and over.

#4 I am a coffee lover. I love Starbucks but also my Kurig. I like my coffee like I like my husband, not too dark, strong but sweet 😉

#5 Favorite holidays are Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving. I love celebrating all the wonderful things we should be thankful for, the birth of Jesus and the silliness that comes with Halloween.

#6 I like social media but tend to be able to just juggle two outlets at a time. Although I have a Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat I can’t manage them all in one week so I rotate. But Insta is my favorite so its always in rotation.

#7 I have no real eye color – I’ve asked my optometrist and its a mix of hazel and green.

#8 I met my husband when I was 19 years old. Yeah, we have been together for most of our lifetime.

#9 I love movies especially comedies and romantic chic flicks. All time favorites: Hope Floats, Sweet Home Alabama, The Notebook, The Longest Yard, Hangover, Snitch, Fast & Furious series and Up (yes the Disney movie)

#10 I love reading. I stopped for a while when the kids were small and have started up again. There is nothing better than a good book for me.

#11 I love to laugh, to make others laugh. Laughter can cure many things my friends.

#12 I love photography and am a photographer as well as a freelancer so I work from home, which takes a lot more energy and organization then working in an office – believe me!

#13 I cry at all weddings. There is just such a sweetness about them. Love is such a wonderful emotion and I love when I see that in the couple. Although I never wanted a big wedding and ended up being so stressed over planning that my husband and I eloped to Vegas with our best friends.

#14 I have super curly hair which I have always battled with and straighten out but now that my daughter (8 who also has curly hair) starting asking if I could straighten hers too I have started to embrace my curls. The last thing I want is to give her an insecurity.

#15 I studied Latin in high school and while I can’t have a conversation I can tell what many words are. I’ve always wanted to learn Italian too.

#16 I can’t play a sport…..like not one. But I’ve always wanted to learn to play softball or basketball.

#17 I have 4 tattoos and plan on getting 2 more this year.

#18 I curse more than I should or want to…..it’s not pretty but sometimes necessary.

#19 I love forensics- shows about it, articles, etc. It’s so fascinating!

#20 I am a huge cry baby when it comes to stories about human kindness or children. I come off as a tough cookie but am a softy in the inside.



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