Take time to work on: yourself

With busy lives comes the inevitable – we forget to take care of ourselves. Do you remember the last time you did something just for you – and no, being sick and resting is not something you do for yourself. No, a quick pedicure during lunch break doesn’t count either. I mean taking the time to work on yourself, on who you are and what you love? For example I can’t remember the last time I took a day to shoot what I love (not when I am hired as a photographer) and then coming home, relaxing with music and scrapbooking all day. That would be a day for myself.

How is that working on yourself? Well take my example – if I were to take that wonderful day to photograph and scrapbook would that make me a better person? Yes, it would. Now it would not fix my faults or make up for my imperfections but it would make me happier which in turn may make me not get upset that someone steals my parking at the groceries or the lady who is rude and doesn’t say excuse me, or when a friend is in a bad mood perhaps it wouldn’t make me moody as well. Is it a miracle to all problems or guaranteed to make you happy go lucky all day? No. But I bet it may just help. Try it. Give it a chance.

Even if you can’t do an entire day. I do Sunday morning or evening at least once a month. I just lay there, put music, go through my kids pictures and scrapbook. Then I may look at the sales or Pinterest for a few hours. Then of course I have to do laundry and a million other things around the house but I find that I feel better, a little more chirpy and a little less grumpy. It’s like a little reward I give myself.

Another thing I try to do at least once or twice a week before bed is to meditate – on the present, past, something you heard or read, sometimes I think of situations I didn’t handle the way I should have and I tell myself how I can do it differently next time. It’s like remembering lessons learned or thinking about the situation outside the moment of anger, frustration, etc. It’s always different when you look at things when you are not in the moment.

So try it – even if you can do an hour or two a week. You will see how it slowly starts to work its wonders on you. 🙂


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